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Executive Summary

A study was conducted in 2017 to determine reactions to the HairSanity products.

The Two-Part System was distributed unbranded (without the HairSanity name) to 800 consumers who were screened for being users of both a dandruff shampoo and a salon quality conditioner. The Rejuvenator was distributed unbranded (without the HairSanity name) to 200 of these same consumers.

The participants were asked for their assessment of the 2 product system across 33 attributes with a separate assessment by people who color or perm/treat their hair.

The products performed well in all attributes and compared very favorably to the brands the participants currently use.

This report highlights key findings and the appendix provides some additional detail related to the study.

Highlights of the Findings

One of the most compelling findings in the study is that nearly 8 out of 10 participants (78%) reported that they prefer the HairSanity products to the brands they were using and approximately two thirds (65%) of the participants in the study went a step further and agreed:

"These new products are so fantastic that I am ready to throw away all my other hair care products"

In this summary, we break down the responses into four categories

1. Basic Dandruff related efficacy.

This includes the attributes itching, flaking and irritated scalp.

2. Cosmetic effects on hair.

This include attributes like softness, manageability, look and feel, ease of combing.

3. Psychic Attributes.

These are related to how people feel about using the products, such as confidence, comfort wearing black clothes, and its scent.

4. Color and Perm.

We asked separate questions to the 43% of respondents who reported they colored and to the 25% who reported they treated their hair.

In each of the categories, respondents were asked how the products performed (monadic) and whether they preferred the products to the brands they were using most often (comparative).

Basic Dandruff Related Efficacy

The products are found to be effective in addressing the basic symptoms of dandruff by nearly everyone in the study—itchy scalp (90%), flaking (90%), keeping flakes from coming back (87%), and irritated scalp (86%).

Eighty-nine percent (89%) say the products leave their scalps feeling healthy, while 85% say the products leave their scalps looking healthy. Eighty-three percent (83%) say the products get rid of their loose flakes and 79% say they accomplish these effects from the first usage.

Seventy-eight percent (78%) say the products are better, overall, than the brands they regularly use for these attributes.

80% prefer HairSanity for eliminating itchy scalp

75% prefer HairSanity for eliminating flakes

75% prefer HairSanity for eliminating irritated scalp

73% prefer HairSanity for keeping flakes from coming back

Cosmetic Effects On Hair

Nearly everyone likes the way the products leave their hair: 93% of respondents agreed that the products deliver on leaving hair manageable, 92% looking healthy, 90% feeling healthy, 90% easy to comb, 90% smooth and 90% soft.

Eighty-six percent (86%) say the products perform well on leaving hair easy to style, 85% looking beautiful, and 80% shiny.

Seventy-six percent (76%) say the products work for leaving hair vibrant, 70% for adding luster, 70% looking thick and full and 78% for not leaving hair greasy.

Approximately two out of three of the participants prefer the HairSanity products to their usual brands for these cosmetic effects on their hair: leaving you hair soft (68%), leaving your hair feeling healthy (67%), looking healthy (66%), smooth (65%), and beautiful (65%).

Psychic Attributes

The vast majority of respondents report that the products help them feel more confident about their hair (86%) and about wearing black (87%).

The scent is seen as pleasant by nearly 4 out of 5 (79%).

Comparatively, respondents prefer the products to their usual brands for helping them feel more confident about their hair with 68% preferring HairSanity, 9% preferring their existing brand and the balance of 22% not sure or about the same.

63% feel more confident wearing black with the new products compared to 7% preferring their existing brands with 30% feeling about the same or undecided.

Color, Perm, Keratin And Other Treatments

Nearly half (43%) of the respondents in the study color their hair, with women being more likely to color than men. Sixty-three percent (63%) of those who color report that the products don’t wash out their color.

One in four (25%) respondents receive perms, keratin, or treatments. Of those, 60% say the products preserve those treatments.

When compared to their existing brands on color durability, 67% had a preference. Among these people, 86% preferred HairSanity for achieving longer lasting results and 14% preferred their existing brands.

For perms, keratin and other treatments, 78% expressed a preference between the new products and their usual brands. 80% of these prefer HairSanity and 20% prefer their existing brands.


The respondents reported that the products performed well with their basic functions of providing relief from symptoms including itching, flaking and irritated scalp. In addition, the products are preferred over the brands that are currently being used by a majority of participants in the study for all efficacy, cosmetic and psychic attributes.


The research was conducted by independent research companies. Eight hundred (800) consumers were recruited who identified themselves as users of both a dandruff shampoo and a salon quality conditioner. All respondents received Part One and Part Two of the HairSanity system in unbranded containers so as not to introduce any bias based on the brand naming or packaging. More than 700 people (707) used the products and completed the study (88% response rate). All 700 received the identical Part II and 365 received the Part I currently being offered.

Respondents were called to make sure they had received the products and were using them and appointments were made for callbacks. About one week after receiving the products, respondents were called back to participate in the full survey.

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