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We fight itch, flakes, and frizz. Guaranteed.

Scalp relief + beautiful hair.

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We are not your mother's medicated shampoo.

  • Sulfate Free
  • Color safe
  • Paraben free
  • For all ages
  • Zinc Pyrithione free
  • For sensitive skin
  • Cruelty free
  • For men & women

Give us four weeks and we will give you itch-free, flake-free, hydrated hair.

  • Use only Hairsanity, No need for anything else!

    My husband and I purchased Hair Sanity for the first time about 2 years ago, and have not purchased another shampoo or conditioner since.

    LG, Verified Customer

  • Itchiness Resolved!

    My scalp was driving me nuts as it was dry and itchy. I tried HairSanity and had a 95% reduction in itchiness.

    MG, Verified Customer

  • Leaves my hair feeling younger!

    Leaves my hair feeling younger, healthier and more manageable. This product is superior than any other I have tried.

    MA, Verified Customer

  • I really liked this product!

    Very pleasant fragrance, leaves hair clean, full and healthy. Good thickness, lathers and rinses very well.

    IK, Verified Customer

  • Very good and very happy!

    Very good and very happy with this shampoo and conditioner highly recommend!

    AC, Verified Customer

  • Great shampoo!!

    My daughter loves Hair Sanity. It makes her hair not oily!

    DR, Verified Customer

  • Great Product!

    I had an itchy scalp issue and nothing was working. I had to see a dermatologist, who ultimately recommended using the Hairsanity product as part of a new regimen. The product worked very well and my itchy scalp issue is much better now.

    NP, Verified Customer

  • My scalp has never felt better!

    I have been using Hairsanity for about a year. I have been very pleased with the results my scalp has never felt better!

    KC, Verified Customer

  • Finally found a shampoo & conditioner!

    Finally found a shampoo & conditioner that help my scalp issues..

    PG, Verified Customer

  • I love these products!

    I love these products! I bleach my hair and it feels so soft and smells amazing.

    LM, Verified Customer

4 weeks to itch-free, flake-free, frizz-free hair.

  • Results start appearing after 4 weeks of use.
  • Safe for processed, sensitive, & colored hair
  • Step One:
    Apply a quarter sized amount of your HairSanity Shampoo onto your scalp.
  • Step Two:
    Add water to your scalp for increased lather. Once this is done, thoroughly rinse your scalp with warm water.
  • Step Three:
    Massage your HairSanity Conditioner into your scalp & leave for 2 minutes.
  • Step Four:
    Massage into your scalp & rinse with warm water.

Clinically proven formulas, backed by science.

Over 700 people tested our two step solution with clear results.

Hairsanity was clinically tested against the market leader.

96% participants had reduction in scalp dryness

89% had reduction in scalp flaking

97% had improvement in hair shine and dryness

95% had improvement in hair frizz and manageability


A brain and good looks.
We have the winning combination.

HairSanity is a patented formulation.

SCIENCE MEETS BEAUTY Clinically proven results when tested against the market leader. Our double-blind randomized study included all genders, hair types and ages. Results demonstrate clear superiority in overall efficacy and hair quality after 4 weeks of use.
HairSanity is a patented formulation.

Our Mission

Giving You Manageable, Flake-Free Hair.

Meet The Founder Dr. Rebecca Kazin.

  • Johns Hopkins - trained Dermatologist
  • Nationally recognized expert in skin and hair
  • Caring for patients for almost 20 years
  • Personally researched and tested Hairsanity to help her patients

Skincare Quality Ingredients in Haircare

HairSanity Products Contain Premium Extracts, Nutrients, Antioxidants & Vitamins B5, B6 & B12.

  • Alp Rose
    Alp Rose
    This helps preserve skin stem cells and protects them from UV damage.
  • Willow Bark
    Willow Bark
    Helps eliminate debris, product buildup, and dead skin from scalp.
  • Sea Whip Extract
    Sea Whip
    Immediately & effectively prevents irritation from occurring.
  • Green Tea
    Reduces hair loss risk & promotes regeneration.
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Don't just take our word for it...

Ask Us Anything

How do I know HairSanity will eliminate my flakes and frizz?

Over 700 people tested our two-step solution with incredible results.

96% of participants had a reduction in scalp dryness.

89% had a reduction in scalp flaking.

97% had improvement in hair shine and dryness.

95% had improvement in hair frizz and manageability.

What makes HairSanity different from other haircare on the market?

Designed by Johns Hopkins-trained Dermatologist.

Clinically proven to be gentle on sensitive skin and scalp.

Free of sulfates, silicones, phthalates, parabens, and dyes.

Safe for color-treated hair.


How soon will I see and feel my improved scalp and hair?

We recommend using HairSanity every time you wash your hair.

Most will see and feel results after just a few washes, but the full effects are most noticeable after 4 weeks of consistent use at least 3 times per week.

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