4.9/5 • Based on 250+ Reviews

Gently repair
and protect your
scalp and hair.

A revolutionary haircare system proven to reduce itch, dandruff and frizz.

Formulated for all genders and hair types.
Safe for keratin and color-treated hair.

4.9/5 • Based on 250+ Reviews

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Gently Repair & Protect Your Scalp & Hair

A Revolutionary Haircare System Proven To Reduce Itch, Dandruff And Frizz

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Treat itch, dandruff and frizz
effectively with HairSanity.


Repair your scalp & hair with
nutrients and vitamins.


Uncompromising. Beautiful,
luxurious & voluminous hair.


For any type of hair including
processed and colored hair.

  • Use only Hairsanity, No need for anything else!

    My husband and I purchased Hair Sanity for the first time about 2 years ago, and have not purchased another shampoo or conditioner since.


  • Itchiness Resolved

    My scalp was driving me nuts as it was dry and itchy. I tried HairSanity and had a 95% reduction in itchiness.

    Meg G

  • Leaves my hair feeling younger

    Leaves my hair feeling younger, healthier and more manageable. This product is superior than any other I have tried.

    Verified Buyer

  • I really liked this product!

    Very pleasant fragrance, leaves hair clean, full and healthy. Good thickness, lathers and rinses very well.

    Verified Buyer

  • Very good and very happy

    Very good and very happy with this shampoo and conditioner highly recommend!

    A C. - Verified Buyer


HairSanity is
skin care for
the scalp.

COMPLETE SOLUTION Uncompromising results for everyone. Formulated not just for fighting flakes, but for those with scalp itch or sensitivity. Skincare quality ingredients create beautiful, manageable, and hydrated hair.


Cleansing & hydrating

Cleans and hydrates the scalp and hair with a rich, creamy lather that rinses easily while simultaneously soothing scalp itch and irritation. Will not strip hair or scalp of natural oils that keep scalp nourished and hair healthy and shiny.

Key Ingredient: Hydrocortisone Acetate. Dermatologist’s first choice for itch and irritation. Ideal for colour-treated and processed hair.

Condition & revitalize

Gently removes flakes while providing conditioning to both the scalp and hair. Rinses clean with no residue.​​ Individual conditioning for every type of hair.

Key Ingredient : Salicylic Acid. Clinically proven with decades of science to rejuvenate the scalp, reduce flakes, and treat dandruff.

Clinically proven formulas, backed by science.

Over 700 people tested our two step solution with clear results.

Hairsanity was clinically tested against the market leader.

96% participants had reduction in scalp dryness

89% had reduction in scalp flaking

97% had improvement in hair shine and dryness

95% had improvement in hair frizz and manageability

Flake-free, luxurious, voluminous hair.

Treat and prevent scalp irritation, itch, and dandruff while adding hydration and shine to hair, regardless of gender or hair type. Hair is softer, more manageable and less frizzy.


blend of

HairSanity is a patented formulation.

PREMIUM INGREDENTS Clinically proven results when tested against the market leader. Our double-blind randomized study included all genders, hair types and ages. Results demonstrate clear superiority in overall efficacy and hair quality after 4 weeks of use.
HairSanity is a patented formulation.

Meet Dr. Rebecca Kazin-
a Johns Hopkins-trained Dermatologist, educator, and inventor.

She and her nationally renowned team of chemists spent over 6 years in research and development to create the formula that not only repairs and protects your scalp, but also improves and protects your hair.

A message to you, from the team at Hairsanity:

As a Board-Certified Dermatologist mentored by trailblazers in skin and hair biology, Dr. Kazin founded Hairsanity with a single purpose- to formulate safe, highly effective, clinically proven products for the scalp and hair.

She personally tested each formulation knowing that only products that she would use for herself, would be acceptable for production. From day one, her goal was to do better than the average-quality scalp and hair care that was currently on the market.

At Hairsanity we know that scalp health is not trendy or media-grabbing, but we believe it is the key to feeling our most confident self.

Therefore, it is our mission to research, formulate, and deliver premium ingredients in products that improve your scalp health and give you your best hair- hydrated, manageable and flake-free.

The end result are products that both skin and hair experts, including Dr. Kazin, would recommend and stand behind.


Hairsanity products contains premium extract of alp rose, oat kernel, green tea, willow back, sea whip, and vitamin B5, B6 and B12.

Alp Rose

Hairsanity products contains premium extract of alp rose, oat kernel, green tea, willow back, sea whip, and vitamin B5, B6 and B12.

Willow Bark

Hairsanity products contains premium extract of alp rose, oat kernel, green tea, willow back, sea whip, and vitamin B5, B6 and B12.

Sea Whip

Hairsanity products contains premium extract of alp rose, oat kernel, green tea, willow back, sea whip, and vitamin B5, B6 and B12.

Green Tea

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