Actual hairsanity users who see their scalp and hair transformed.


Current dandruff products do not work for everyone.

Hairsanity is created with the # 1 Dermatologist recommended ingredient for scalp dryness & itch.

It is formulated for every type of hair, regardless of ethnicity or gender. 

Sulfate Free dandruff and dry scalp haircare


"During my 15 years of caring for my patients, I kept hearing the same complaint. Patients noted that none of the available medicated haircare products were able to effectively relieve their scalp symptoms without making their hair dry and frizzy.

I too had this problem and had come to the same conclusion- 

Why should those of us with scalp sensitivity, dryness, or irritation be required to use medicinal shampoos that do not protect the health and appearance of the hair?

This became my goal."

Rebecca Kazin, MD, FAAD 

Johns Hopkins Trained Dermatologist 

Creator of hairsanity

Sulfate Free dandruff and dry scalp haircare

What makes these products so special?

Ingredients AND technology. 

Most brands of medicated shampoos contain zinc pyrithione, sulfates, parabens, and harsh surfactants. Hairsanity doesn’t contain any of these. 

Our active ingredients are recognized by the FDA as safe and effective. Our conditioning ingredients include vitamins, botanicals, nutrients and anti-oxidants. 

"I created this because I believe that the key to strong, healthy looking hair is a healthy scalp." Dr. Kazin

Sulfate Free dandruff and dry scalp haircare



Cleans and hydrates the scalp and hair with a rich, creamy lather that rinses easily while simultaneously soothing scalp itch and irritation.​

Will not strip hair or scalp of natural oils that keep scalp nourished and hair healthy and shiny.​

Key Ingredient: Hydrocortisone Acetate.

Dermatologist's first choice for itch and irritation.

Ideal for color-treated and processed hair.

Sulfate Free dandruff and dry scalp haircare

Gently removes flakes.


Provides conditioning to BOTH the scalp and hair. Rinses clean with no residue.​Formulated not to weigh down even the finest hair.

Key Ingredient: Salicylic Acid.

“Customizable Conditioning”:

30 seconds for short, fine hair and up to 3 minutes for thick and/or processed hair. ​​

Ideal for color-treated and processed hair.



We went head to head
against the market leader.
Sulfate Free dandruff and dry scalp haircare

HairSanity out performed Head & Shoulders in:

Who is

hairsanity for?

Men, women, short hair, long hair, curly, straight, dry, oily, color-treated, straightened, thin or thick hair.

Sulfate Free dandruff and dry scalp haircare

You Asked. We Answered.


Is hairsanity FDA approved?

Our products are covered under an OTC monograph system where certain active ingredients are approved for use by the FDA as GRAS (generally recognized as safe).


hairsanity uses active ingredients that are monographed by the FDA, specifically hydrocortisone acetate, which is found in the external analgesic monograph and salicylic acid, which is found in the dandruff monograph.


Both are safe and effective and hairsanity is diligent about following all regulatory guidelines.

  • Simply apply a quarter-sized amount of hairsanity Step 1 to the top of the head and another quarter-sized amount to the sides of wet hair and scalp.

  • Add additional water and cleanser for increased lather. Massage lather into scalp and rinse thoroughly with warm water.


  • Follow up with hairsanity Step 2 by gently massaging hairsanity Step 2 into scalp and work through hair to the ends. Leave on 30 seconds for normal hair and 2-3 minutes for damaged and/or processed hair. Rinse with warm water, dry and style as usual.

  • Use daily when symptomatic or a minimum of 3 times per week for maintenance.

What type of hair does it work best on?

All hair types: 

  • Normal, dry, oily, frizzy, thin, thick. long or short.

  • You can use if you color, highlight, perm, straighten, or braid your hair.

  • You can use if you don't have flakes but just have itching or scalp sensitivity.

What if I wash my hair less than 3 times per week?

If you typically wash your hair 3 times per week or less, use with every wash. If not effective, increase frequency of hair washing until symptoms resolve then go back to prior washing frequency.

Is hairsanity for men or women?

Anyone can benefit from using hairsanity- including older children and teens!

What makes hairsanity different?

hairsanity addresses the scalp and the hair differently than other products on the market. Most of the competitive products address the scalp with zinc pyrithione and many contain sulfates and parabens. We take a completely different approach.


hairsanity products are:
• Zinc Pyrithione Free
• Sulfate Free
• Paraben Free

The hairsanity System addresses the flakes and scalp issues completely differently from most of the other products on the market which only use zinc pyrithione.


Our active ingredients are hydrocortisone acetate in Step 1 and salicylic acid in Step 2. Two separate products. Both are categorized as safe and effective.


Salicylic acid is in the dandruff OTC monograph and hydrocortisone acetate is in the external analgesic OTC monograph.


With respect to cosmetics, aesthetics, look and feel, hairsanity uses a proprietary combination of ingredients including extracts of the alp rose, oat kernel, sea whip, and willow bark.

How does it work?

How do I use hairsanity?


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Tina Alster, MD

Director, Washington Institute of

Dermatologic Laser Surgery

Clinical Professor of Dermatology,

Georgetown University

Author of “Skin Savvy: The Essential Guide of

Cosmetic Laser Surgery”

2019 Dermatology Foundation “Practitioner of the Year”

2019 ASDS Stegman Award Recipient

I remain on the cutting edge of skincare research and technology and I can confidently say that there is nothing like this on the market.

I've been in the hair industry for

30+ years and I've seen hundreds of products come and go.The hairsanity system is truly groundbreaking. Its formula changes everything.


Jim Morrison,

Industry Icon

Former L'Oréal Salon Division President


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